• Spireon’s GPS Fleet Tracking Services

    As the leading provider of mobile resources management (MRM), Spireon offers a robust line up of telematics solutions to help companies of all sizes maximize the performance of their fleet and drive ROI. Fleetlocate’s comprehensive GPS fleet tracking product portfolio helps progressive businesses with small-to-enterprised sized mobile workforces improve efficiencies and reduce the costs and complexities associated with the management of mobile assets.

    Spireon provides real-time business intelligence that helps fleets optimize performance and gain the competitive edge.

    GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions
  • GPS Asset & Trailer Tracking Solutions

    Spireon’s FleetLocate GPS Asset & Trailer Intelligence system delivers instant access to real-time business intelligence giving fleet operations manager and dispatchers complete visibility into their fleet. FleetLocate’s GPS Trailer Tracking system also allows our customers to leverage the power of the Rich Data through our analytics and web portal translating into actionable Business Intelligence.

    Rich Data gives you complete, instant visibility to where all your assets and trailers are—all the time!

    Asset & Trailer Intelligence
  • Enterprise GPS Tracking (1,000+ Vehicles)

    FleetLocate Enterprise Fleet Management provides large and enterprise fleet customers with a highly scalable GPS Fleet Tracking solution delivering unprecedented real-time visibility into your fleet. FleetLocate GPS tracking system guided by Spireon connects you to the business intelligence you need to capture opportunities, curb costs, reach your business goals, and increase your profits.

    Learn how the FleetLocate GPS Tracking solution effectively monitors ROI and effects positive driver change.

    Enterprise Fleet Management
  • Local Fleet Management (2-500 Vehicles & Assets)

    FleetLocate’s telematics solution is designed for businesses operating locally concentrated fleets in the service, delivery, local government and other industries. With a diverse set of GPS vehicle tracking and reporting options, the FleetLocate GPS fleet management solution is both simple to use and affordable to own.

    Affordable GPS vehicle tracking solutions for small and mid-sized businesses

    Fleet Management for SMBs