A Fleet Management Plan that Tracks Vehicles & Assets - FleetLocate

Fleet Vehicle GPS Tracking

FleetLocate gives you a Mobile GPS fleet tracking system
as easy to use as Google Maps!

Winning Game Plan - FleetLocate

Create a winning game plan.
Coach Joe Gibbs, Super Bowl-winning coach and
NASCAR team owner, talks about using FleetLocate
to build a your game plan.

Save Fuel and Improve Customer Service - FleetLocate

Save fuel and improve
customer service.

Eggleton Trucking - GPS vehicle tracking

“100% on time pickups”
- Dan Eggleton, Owner Eggleton Trucking

FleetLocate GPS vehicle tracking helps Eggleton deliver
superior customer service that’s growing their business.

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Winning Game Plan - FleetLocate
Save Fuel and Improve Customer Service - FleetLocate
Eggleton Trucking - GPS vehicle tracking

Track and Manage

Track and ManageKnow exactly where your vehicles are anytime from anywhere. With GPS fleet tracking you can see when drivers start, every stop, even how they’re driving. And get alerts for speeding, driving out of area and off-hours use.

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See how it works

Mobile Application IconVehicle tracking, setting up alerts, dispatching and routing are as easy as the apps you use every day.

• Access from phones and tablets
• Uses Google Maps
• No software to install.

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GPS Tracking Video

FleetLocate Video - iconWhat can GPS fleet tracking do for your business?

See how you can save fuel, increase efficiency in dispatch, keep customers more informed, even know when drivers speed. All that for about $1/day.

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