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FleetLocate gives you a Mobile GPS fleet tracking system
as easy to use as Google Maps!

Create a winning game plan

Create a winning game plan.
Coach Joe Gibbs, Super Bowl-winning coach and
NASCAR team owner, talks about using FleetLocate
to build your game plan.

Save Fuel and Improve Customer Service - FleetLocate

Save fuel and improve
customer service.

Eggleton Trucking - FleetLocate

Nearly 2 Million GPS Trackers Deployed!

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Create a winning game plan
Save Fuel and Improve Customer Service - FleetLocate
Eggleton Trucking - FleetLocate


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Built and priced for businesses your size, FleetLocate GPS fleet tracking system can reduce the costs of managing your fleet and assets, which puts you on a direct route to bottom-line savings in your business. Only $34.95 for the bundle, including fleet management software, GPS tracking device, service and GPS installation.

Easy Installation

Full white glove service. Install and activate in your trucks and vans in under 1 hour each.

Track & Manage

GPS fleet tracking anytime, any place.  Access fleet management control screens from the shop, your iPad, and any smart phone.

Time to Kick Back

A fleet management system that improves profitability and frees up your time. Use it and enjoy!

  • The greatest thing about FleetLocate's automated email reporting is that I don't have to go to the website and look for the information I need. I don't have to look, I know.

    -Scott McCall, Vice President of Sales at Trinity Transport
  • Before FleetLocate, we typically had 100 to 110 trailers on hand, serving our North Carolina East region. Thanks to FleetLocate's real-time, continual visibility into our fleet, we’ve been able to see which trailers are underutilized, and where we have a real need for more trailers. This has allowed us to reduce our trailer count in NCE to just 80 trailers — a swing of 30 trailers. So we're doing the same amount of work in that region, with fewer trailers.

    -Mike Edwards, Business Process Manager for CCBCC's Logistics
  • We requested a custom routing report, and before we knew it, the Spireon team had designed one for us. This report has proved invaluable for our internal operations, and we will be soon sending it to our customers once a month so they can see what and when deliveries have been made. This will be a great customer satisfaction tool for us.

    -Kris Peterinelli, Triad's Director of Fleet and Pharmacy Logistics

Wonder How Your Drivers & Assets Are Performing?

Whether you have 2 or 200 vehicles, FleetLocate's fleet management system helps you keep your operation costs down and your customers happy. Our GPS tracking system enables you to locate your vehicles in real time, deliver timely dispatch information and it gives you visibility into vehicle performance. Watch our fleet management video for more information.

Track and Manage

Know where your vehicles are anytime from anywhere. With GPS fleet tracking you can see when drivers start, every stop, even how they’re driving. You can even get alerts sent to you when your drivers are speeding, driving out of area and off-hours use.

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See how GPS works

See how FleetLocate GPS Fleet Management provides landscapers, HVAC, towing, plumbing, and other small to medium-sized businesses an award-winning GPS technology platform solution in the palm of your hands.

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GPS Tracking - $1/Day

What can GPS fleet tracking do for your business?  Reduce your fuel costs, increase efficiency in dispatch, keep customers more informed, even know when drivers speed. For about $1 per day, you can drive more profitability to your bottomline.

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