Telematics in Service Fleets to Surpass 30% Globally by 2019

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Telematics in Service Fleets to Surpass 30% Globally by 2019

Gain Revenue with Your Fleet - FleetLocateThe growth of the mobile workforce is a mixed blessing for service industry businesses. On the one hand, a mobile workforce means savings on overhead. On the other, the burden is on businesses to ensure accurate accounting for hours, especially when there are hourly billing, cost per service call, or compliance issues to consider.

Meeting these demands, along with rising fuel and other vehicle costs, can stress the bottom line. As a result, service companies are looking to deploy sophisticated telematics solutions to simplify keeping track of mobile worker hours while preserving profit margins.

According to ABI Research, the number of service vehicles equipped with telematics solutions will increase to around 25 million vehicles globally by the end of 2019. This represents penetration of more than 30%, and shows that more and more companies are turning to telematics solutions as efficient, cost-effective ways to manage drivers and other mobile workers.

Even with advances in telematics technology, many companies still rely on manual, paper scheduling and reporting tools, which can hinder their potential for business improvement and cost savings.

According to Gareth Owen, principal analyst at ABI Research, “A state-of-the-art mobile workforce management system can monitor all workers in real-time and help a company manage its operations dynamically, ensuring compliance with rules and regulations, as well as providing managers with important metrics on every worker and vehicle.”

Through 24/7 visibility of fleets and detailed vehicle histories, telematics solutions provide true insight for mobile workforce management.

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